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3rd September 2018

I just recently uploaded my sloppy rendition of Pink Guy's "Club Banger 3000". At this point, I should just fully acknowledge that it's overly-ambitious to expect to put out pristine, pro-quality beats while using a mouse and typing keyboard in an untreated room. Having said that, we live in a time where I'm able to craft beats from my own home and then share it with ease. This opportunity can't be passed up. That doesn't mean that I'll just put out everything sitting on my hard drive, because a lot of it is just plain bad. However, there are a few pieces of content that I've taken down that were probably good enough to keep up. A few months ago, I uploaded remakes for Tyler, the Creator's "Answer" and "Treehome95" and then took them down after about two weeks. The reason behind this was that they didn't sound exactly the same as the original. But, as I mainly learned in A Level Music Tech, achieving that is very difficult. You could even have the exact same stems used for the original song, mix them in a different way and get a completely new sound. I'll probably reupload them in the near future. Expansion of content is something this site needs. There is, however, a difference between content that is actually good and content that's not. But the lines do get blurry. For example, if I decided to make a montage parody-esque video again, similar to the two scrapped ones currently in the video section, one could consider them bad. But they're not supposed to be that good. They were each made within the space of about twenty minutes. Part of the point of them is that they are rough and slightly random. Plus, as far as those types of videos go, I'd say they're actually quite well-made. I've decided to put a 2015 montage parody video back on public viewing again. I don't remember exactly when I moved it to private. I don't know why, either. As far as my videos go, it's probably the best one I've done to date. So why not dive back into that world? The next couple of months will be filled with either endless apprenticeship searching or adjusting into a new job setting. Either way, more content will be put on this site in one form or another. Or multiple.